About me

Versatile, passionate and involved for as long as there is coffee.

My name is Chris Visser. On the web I'm better known as Cloudspider - A full-stack Javascript developer that builds SaaS platforms and other web services. Troughout the years I've gained quite some experience in building SaaS dashboards and web API's. Now it has become my mission to share this experience in the form of guides and stories, presentations, workshops and active participation in software communities.

I'm an Intrinsically driven, agile and a full-stack web developer with an infinite amount of curiosity. I love learning and am very passionate in what I do. My curiosity and motivation to learn often translates to a high level of creativity and out of the box ideas, but also result sometimes in some very bad word-jokes. For me it’s just a matter of tying together the stuff that I love with the things that I value. As a software developer this makes me literally a ‘spider in a web’ of ideas.